King Bigfoot

Social Distance Champ Takes on Social Media

You can too in a shaggy monster sort of way

The legendary creature started social distancing before it was cool. Now he’s coming out of the forest to turn over a new leaf, using the latest technology so humans can turn themselves into hairy hominids too.

Become a Bigfoot and share with your friends. Turn the image into a video by holding down the photo button.

Ditto on Facebook. Once in FB, start by clicking on the camera icon. Add funny effects if you like. Then save, post or share.

For a classic Bigfoot look, transform yourself on the original Face Swap Live, one of the most popular Apple apps.

Home of the legend.

Bigfoot shot to fame after being captured in the Patterson-Gimlin film footage in 1967 near Willow Creek.

The Northern California mountain town is surrounded by Six Rivers National Forest, a one-million acre natural playground perfect for humanoids and humans alike.

It's true. They exist.

We caught one on camera. Here for the first time in decades is proof positive they are real….

Pay phones. 

This specimen was spotted in Humboldt County, the home of Bigfoot naturally, along with the world’s tallest trees.

Find your natural state. In real life.

Don’t just be Bigfoot on your phone. Be one in the real world. Roam free in the forests and rivers where the legend began, Humboldt County. Email Bigfoot for more.